The holiday season is a time for volunteering, and Ahava Community offers a perfect opportunity to give back. Our Christmas activities complement the year-round support we provide, which includes helping individuals find stable homes and access education and training. Volunteers can contribute in various ways, from preparing meals to offering specialist services like haircuts and podiatry.
By volunteering with Ahava Community at Christmas, you become part of a community dedicated to ending homelessness and helping individuals rebuild their lives.

Christmas is a time for caring and sharing. It’s inspiring to see donors and volunteers coming together to ensure that the festive season is a time of joy for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Let’s carry this spirit of compassion throughout the year. Please DONATE TODAY.

Ahava Community is working hard to improve lives.

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The Catalyst Night Shelter was the genesis of Ahava Community's work.

The Transformations Programme provided men with help to conquer addiction.

Our volunteers demonstrate dedication and commitment to those we serve.

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