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Ahava Community
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Who We Are...

✝️ We are a Christian Charity, run by a passionate group of people, all focussed on bringing an end to the suffering caused by homelessness and addiction. 

💕 Following the Christian ethos of ‘loving one another’ our name, literally means LOVE!

[ In Hebrew – the word ‘ahava’ (LOVE) appears 45 times in the Old Testament, this number almost doubles in the New Testament! ]

YOU are also part of our community, whether you shop, with us, volunteer, or donate – you too can make a real difference to those in need!

Why Ahava...

Love with all your heart.

Ahavah” means “love” in Hebrew, and at its most basic level, it means to have affection toward someone. But biblically speaking, love is more than sentiment—it is also action.

Ahava has a special meaning. The word is divided into parts that mean to give, and love.

Love is Giving. The more we give, the more love we share. In the process of giving and sharing love, we grow to trust and be more connected and committed.

Our Mission...

Ending Homelessness & Addiction 

We believe that housing is a basic human right as well as having the tools to fight addiction.

Together we can make a difference… 

Help us beat homelessness!

What We Do...

Raising funds through our retail outlets, and cafes, as well as your generous charitable giving & donations allows us to provide much needed support to those most in need of it across the UK. 

We partner with a number of agencies to provide support to the homeless & those struggling with addiction issues. 

Community Stories...

Paula’s Story

When her shared flat was demolished to make way for affordable housing, Paula was left with nowhere to live. She said “It felt like nobody was willing to help me.”

With nowhere else to go, she turned to sofa surfing.
Eventually, this became sleeping in her car.

In November 2019, however, she approached Ahava Community, after her son let her know about their work, and she was provided with shelter.

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Graham’s Story

After living abroad for around 12 years, I returned to the U.K. having been offered work which included accommodation, unfortunately; this fell through, which meant I had nowhere to live and no income. I was lucky enough to be put in touch with ‘Ahava Community

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Coby’s Story

My name is Coby, 18 months ago my life changed. I felt like my life was saved. I had lost my sister and my home. I was lost, I was numb and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on. When I went to get help, I was referred to Ahava Community and that’s when my life changed from day one.

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